how to use less wheat flour

Ask yourself why do you want to do this?
.. to make your diet more healthy, because of allergies, gluten intolerance, do you want to eat more protein, fiber?

The reasons can be different; follow my posts and make this change into your daily menu.

My favorite replacements for the wheat flour:

I love all kind of puddings, especially these ones with coffee flavor. A few years ago I became a fan of rice pudding, but recently I found many recipes for puddings with tapioca.
  • other type of flour,
Some time ago I found a post “I hate groats how to handle with #glutenfreediet ?”
When I started cooking without gluten I have the same problem. I can eat groats for dinner, sometimes for lunch, but every day for breakfast I eat something different from groats and vegetable .
I love to make a bread with buckwheat, I’m trying new tastes of porridge mainly in the summertime,
I love banana bread, pumpkin cake and all kinds of brownies (especially healthy ones).
I still learn how to use
buckwheat flour
rice flour
millet flour
coconut flour
Soybean flour
teff flour
tapioca flour
corn flour


  • oatmeal,
Do you know that #porridge is the most popular tag on Instagram. Healthy vegetables, fresh fruits, milk, honey, nuts…so many options to choose.
  • more vegetables
Vegan community is very popular in social media, it makes the veggie recipes very easy to find on Facebook Instagram, etc.




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